On the first Sunday of each month we celebrate the Lord’s Supper. 

The Lord’s Supper may be received by members of Southside as well as by those who are baptized members in good standing of any evangelical church where the gospel of Jesus Christ is loved and proclaimed.

In accordance with Scripture, each person receiving the Lord’s Supper is asked to examine his or her heart in a solemn manner before taking the elements so as not to take the Supper in an unworthy manner and thereby incurring judgment upon themselves. We do not come to the table based on any merit of our own, but resting solely in the merit of Jesus Christ, who loved us and shed His body and blood on the cross for us and our salvation.

We believe that while the Lord Jesus Christ is not physically present within or around the bread and the wine or juice we receive, He is nevertheless truly present to nourish us through the powerful working of His Holy Spirit.